Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software
Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software


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– Rodica

“I have known Rodica for 7 years.  She is both my son and daughter’s  violin and piano teacher.  She is the best thing that happened to my children.  They improved on their instruments by leaps and bounds.  She is a very dedicated and passionate teacher.  She is very encouraging to the children.  She makes them give 150% of themselves.  My kids love her and have great regards for her.  She is amazing.  She is the best.  My kids have gone to so many teacher but Rodica is the one who they love learn from.  Thanks Rodica for your passionate work.”

– Sudha


“Ms. Rodica is well qualified, she is very professional, and takes teaching seriously. She works hard on correcting the student’s mistakes and on improving playing technique (paying a lot of attention to hand position, movement, and counting rhythm etc.). We feel lucky that she is my daughter’s piano teacher.”

– Phuong


“Rodica has been my son’s violin teacher for 2yrs. She is a passionate as well as a dedicated teacher. Because of her motivation and encouragement my son has been showing steady progress in his violin playing. Her patience has helped beginners like my son feel both encouraged and inspired. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in learning to play the violin. I consider my son very fortunate to have her as his teacher.”

– Chitra


“About Rodica, our 10 year old son’s piano and violin teacher:
Our son has been learning piano and violin from Rodica for more than 3 years and we are very happy with the way this experience is turning out for him.  They connect very well together and her good ideas and methods of teaching make his learning much easier. She is very encouraging and attempts to expose him to new levels of learning that he was not aware of before. Moreover with recitals twice a year make him more confident playing in front of an audience. Overall, this well rounded learning experience gives him fun and expertise at the same time. I would definitely  recommend her to anyone who is looking for a violin and piano teacher.”

– Harini


“Rodica has been my now 6-year old daughter, Neha’s piano teacher for the last 1.5 years. Her approach to teaching is traditional where she ensures Neha doesn’t loose sight of the basics of reading notes and understand well the correlation of notes in the music and keys on the piano. For her it’s not just about playing the notes, but about playing it right, with the correct posture, curving of the fingers,etc. She has also held 2 recitals in the last year which has been great in giving Neha confidence in performing in front of an audience. And best of all Neha enjoys her Piano lessons with Rodica.”

– Aarthi


“Rodica is an excellent teacher. She is friendly with the kids but at the same time very disciplined. She organizes recitals which encourages kids to perform in front of an audience. I really recommend her.”

– Renuka


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