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What is anticipation and why do I need to know this?

Anticipation, according to the dictionary definition is an expectation, foreknowledge or foresight. In playing an instrument, anticipation refers to thinking and preparing ahead. What do we prepare ahead? We prepare the fingers, we prepare the hands movement and we prepare looking ahead when we read the sheet music. Anticipation in playing gives you a flow of movement which translates in the easy, natural flowing of the music you play. Otherwise you’ll stumble, hiccup and feel like you are ready to fall on your nose!

Playing relaxed!


Why is playing relaxed so important?

Well, try this for an experiment: tighten your hand. Now try to wiggle your fingers while your hand is tight. How easy and how fast can you move the fingers? I would guess that you could barely move them. Now relax your hand and wiggle the fingers. Do you see and feel the difference?  (more…)

Beginner piano warm up exercises


These should be done daily for around 5 minutes.

This is a summary of the piano Warm up practice lesson with the video. I recommend that if you don’t have time to practice every day, at least you do these exercises. It is the same as an athlete warming up before running. Cold muscles don’t work very well!

Hands and Fingers Position

  1. Imagine you hold a small ball or an apple underneath your hand, so keep it round.
  2. Keep hands and fingers round. Cut your fingernails short so you can play with your finger pads.
  3. Lift fingers when you play, don’t push in. The power comes from lifting the fingers before they come down, much the same as the action of hammers.