Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software
Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software


Here are some commonly asked questions from our visitors and customers:

What kind of computer do I need to use your software?

In order to use the interactive music software for music lessons you’ll need:

• Standard browsers

• It works on PCs, Mac,  IPad,  tablets and Android.  HTML5 enabled.

How do the Subscriptions work?

Subscriptions are payable per month.  We are starting with Beginner level for piano and violin lessons but we will be adding Intermediate and Advanced levels over time, as well as other instruments.

How long is the Free Trial period?

The Free trial expires after one month from the registration time. At that time you have the choice to upgrade to the paid subscription.

How does the online music software work? What is the process?

It’s really pretty easy, just follow these steps:

1. Registration- Choose your instrument, level and subscription type
– Fill in the registration form
– Make your secure payment (not applicable to FREE trial)

2. Choose your first lesson.

What is the most effective way to use the online software?

1. There are instructions at the top of the page of each lesson as to what you can click on. You can also click here to get the help again.

2. I do NOT recommend trying to play along with the video.

3. For each video in the lesson, Right Hand, Left Hand and Both hands together:

a. Play the video once or twice through following also on the music sheet adjacent to the video.

b. Then stop the video and start practicing that hand yourself. If you get stuck at a certain place, just click on the particular row, or on the tracking line under the measure (notes) that you have trouble with and watch it again.  Repeat as necessary.

c. For the beginners (especially children) I strongly recommend counting out loud. I also do it for you

d. Do not try to play hands together unless you are comfortable and pretty much able to play the piece one hand at a time.

4. If there is a RED star hot spot in certain places, click on it to open the more detailed video explanation, and then click on it again to close it and continue when you are ready.

5. If you have comments/suggestions please don’t hesitate to email or ask me.

6. The videos are stored at YouTube, so if they are not streaming smoothly it is because your internet connection may be slow at that time.

What kind of piano instrument do you recommend?

Although having a real piano is the ideal, we do not recommend you invest in buying one right away, especially if it is for a young child. It is much cheaper and adequate to use and electronic portable keyboard.

The MUST HAVE features:
• At least 61 keys.  You can find Yamaha or Casio keyboards  online at Amazon or Costco in the electronics department.
• Keyboard needs to be TOUCH SENSITIVE or have TOUCH RESPONSE. This means you can produce louder of softer sounds depending on how hard you press the keys.

You most likely will need a keyboard stand or bench to place the keyboard on. This will need to be height adjustable so your hands will have the proper position, about 90 degrees at the elbow.

Prices range from under $100 to $300

Brands: Yamaha, Casio and others as long as they satisfy the 2 features.

What kind of violin instrument do you recommend?

To choose a violin it is best to visit a music store in person. Especially children since they will need different violin sizes depending on age and their height. The experts in the store will be able to measure your arm length to determine the violin size needed. Here is a rough break down of the ages and matching sizes:

Violin Size – Age
1/4 – 5-7 years old
1/2 – 6-10
3/4 – 9-11
Full – 12- Adult

You will also need these items that you could order online or music store close to you:

• Shoulder rest that will be adjusted for the violin size you have.
• Music stand you could get at the store or online.

Just as with piano, and especially if this is for a child it is best to rent first, to make sure the child enjoys is and wants to continue studying. Most stores will offer to have the rent fees count towards the purchase of the instrument at any time.

Where do I find the music books?

In San Jose area you can buy the books at music stores such as the Music Village  or order online at

What is your Teaching Philosophy?

We believe learning how to play an instrument is enriching and benefiting you at any age: it is never too late or too early! Besides the mental benefits, learning music is fun and good for the soul.

The reality is that playing an instrument is not always a “piece of cake”.
This is why we emphasize the basics:

– Learning the correct techniques and how to practice effectively so you enjoy it and progress easily.
– Learning how to read the music notes so you become self-sufficient in learning new pieces. In other words you become music literate, just as you can read a book.
– Learning how to keep the timing. Having a solid understanding and developing the feel for rhythm (a little math goes a long way here!)
– Learning how to play expressively: music is not just a string of sounds you make on an instrument, your own feelings come forth when you play an instrument only if you know how to translate them into the music and you have the technique that allows it.