Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software
Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software

Beginner’s Practice Tips 3

You can achieve more and learn faster if you practice smart and follow these beginner’s piano practice tips:

  1. Read the notes aloud to yourself. If you don’t know what it is, either go up or down from the note that you know to the books that show you all the notes on the staff for each hand. Here’s an example.
  2. Look at the time signature to see how many beats you have in the measures. If the rhythm is more difficult for you, clap and count first.
  3. Play each hand separate. Repeat small sections and make sure you play the notes you have just said in step 1. Count loud as you play.
  4. Play hands together, ONLY after you are comfortable playing separate hands. Keep counting loud. Repeat small sections.
  5. After you practice small sections or the more difficult places first, then you can practice playing the piece from beginning to end. If there are still places where you still stumble, take those separate and together until they become easy for you.




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