Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software
Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software

Beginner’s practice tips 2


These recommendations will help you make progress without even feeling the work!

  1. As a beginner you should allocate 10-15 minutes per day at least 4 days a week.
  2. The most important thing in learning how to play an instrument is consistency and knowing how to be efficient, especially if you don’t have much time.
  3. A short practice session every day (or most every day) goes a lot further than the same  amount all in one day a week.
  4. Keep hands and fingers relaxed when you play. Keep fingers curved and play on the finger pads.
  5. Make sure your arm and wrist is also relaxed. Imagine you play with feathers not with sticks.
  6. If your hands get tired quickly, take a break. It may mean that you are too tight.
  7. Learning how to read the music notes is very important, because you’ll become  independent in learning any new music piece. It is like learning how to read.
  8. Try to keep your eyes on the music while you play on the keys.
  9. In the beginning your hands will be in one position, so you don’t need to jump over keys.

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