Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software
Rodis Music - Beginner Music Learning Software

Beginner’s practice tips 1

More effective practice tips for the beginners

Follow the same procedure with each new piece:

  1. Clap and count the rhythm.
  2. Play and count loud.
  3. Remember, the numbers under or above the notes represent the fingers numbers, not the count.
  4. Do not try to play the whole piece through over and over
  5. Practice small sections: two-three measures a few times, then one row a few times until comfortable. Do the same with the next row. You’ll find that in the beginning the patterns repeat a lot.
  6. Isolate the problems spots: practice those more rather than always starting over. Then integrate the sections back together.
  7. Take breaks every 10 minutes if you can’t concentrate more.
  8. Make sure you practice slowly and count at the same speed. Don’t speed up sections that seem easier.
  9. As you get more advanced, remember to practice each hand separate until you can handle it.
  10. You don’t need to practice all pieces (or books) every day if you don’t have time. Cycle through them during the week.
  11. It is also helpful if you keep reviewing past material. You’ll realize how much easier it seems.


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