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And Why Not?!


Classical music is good for you! It helps your thinking and it is good for the soul! You have probably heard of Mozart’s music influence on babies’ mental development. But this is not just for kids, and it does not mean just Mozart!

Classical music is very structural both in terms of the form of the tunes and in rhythms. Our brain is very receptive to patterns since we recognize our world by patterns, both visual and auditory. Listening to classical music clarifies your thinking and helps your organization skills. Have you heard of the Japanese researcher who experimented with the effects of music on the water molecules?

Here’s a link if you are curious!

Remember that our bodies have a high percentage of water. The vibrations produced by any music or noises create vibrations in our bodies. These vibrations can be beneficial, such as creating a sensation of peace, calm and wellbeing or they can be unsettling, creating confusion and agitation. Try it yourself by listening to snippets from Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

Or try the slow movement from Mozart’s “Elvira Madigan” piano concerto!

Then listen to some hard rock music, and see how you feel by comparison!

Piano is an excellent instrument to start learning. Since the keys are already there it does not really matter if your musical ear is really that developed, it will help it along. Also you learn coordination between hands, following the sheet music and counting the rhythm. At the same time you’ll learn how to gain independence of your hands, since they both will do different things. You’ll derive great pleasure and satisfaction by playing an instrument. It is much fun!

On an ending note, you can always play any kind of music type once you learn the basics! And you can always expand your musical tastes.

I was trained in classical music since I was five, and pretty much that is what I’ve always listened to and lived in it. However once I had kids, they taught me how to like rock music by always changing the station when we were in the car!

Now, guess what ?! I listen to classic rock when I am driving! And I am starting to play electric violin!



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