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Online Music - Software for synchronizing music video/audio with sheet music

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Our patented software is bringing the music teacher at your fingertips, anytime, anywhere. Initially developed for classical piano and violin, this site will provide online learning for other musical instruments and different styles of music in the near future.

We believe learning how to play an instrument is enriching and benefiting you at any age: it is never too late or too early! Besides the mental benefits, learning music is fun and good for the soul.

Click here for a short description of how the software works, or watch the short video tutorial.

Examples:       Beginner piano                Sad Romance for violin              More samples

Is it possible to teach yourself piano using Rodismusic software for online piano lessons? Absolutely! Piano (or keyboard) is one of the few instruments which lend themselves to self-teaching when using these software tools. This is ideal for any age, including adults and parents who want to learn with their children. These lessons are also great for reinforcement along with the one-on-one teacher lessons.

The Free Trial contains a few sample lessons. When you register for a monthly subscription, which you can renew each month, you will have access to all the lessons. For the beginner level you will start from ground zero and gain knowledge about using the proper technique for hands position, fingers action, reading the music notes and understanding rhythm. Each lesson has the video synchronized with the music sheet.

Check out the blog for detail tips and feel free to email your questions if you need more help. If you'd like your progress evaluated, you can videotape yourself, upload your video to your YouTube account and then email us the link. We will preview it and give you feedback.

Private Lessons
We offer private lessons in San Jose, San Jose/Evergreen, Santa Clara, Cupertino and Saratoga. Piano lessons for beginner and intermediate levels.  Violin lessons all levels.   Please contact us by calling 408-320-6562 or sending email to rodi@rodismusic.com
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